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Act of Love is a two player cooperative puzzle game where the players take the roles of Aida and Radamès (From the Opera "AIDA" by Verdi). The goal is to solve different puzzles and get the characters to reach each other, then together get to the "End Plate" and go to the next level.

This is a game created during the Jam Nations game jam that took place June 3-5 2016 in Montréal.

The Jam was organised with the collaboration of Opéra de Montréal, who provided the theme: AIDA, wich is set in Egypt.

Install instructions

To host a game you need to enter a map name :

Level_01 - Level_02 - Level_03 - Level_04 - Credits


Step 1 - both players download the game

Step 2 - both start the executable

Step 3 - player One selects the level map

Step 4 - Player Two enters IP address of first player then presses "Join"

please note that in the current build there is still some issues with replication and the controls, we will try fix this as soon as we get a chance.


WindowsNoEditor.zip 190 MB
Présentation_low.avi 138 MB

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